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Top 7 Events to attend in Europe this summer

Top 7 Events to attend in Europe this summer

Ahh we love summer, the temperatures are rising, the days are getting longer and it is the peak season for events, fairs and festivals. To make the most of your summer we put together a list of our top 7 events including fashion, music, food and much more. So grab a pen, mark the dates and have a splash with your friends and family. Meshugge wishes you an unforgettable summer 2019.

La fete de Vignerons

July 18th - August 11th in Vevey, Switzerland

The fete de Vignerons takes place once a generation (every 20 years) and pays homage to the viticultural many centuries old of an entire region with a spectacular show and coronation of the vineyard hands. The stadium has 20’000 seatings and is located on the market square of Vevey, where the fete de Vignerons has been held since 1797. Watch and participate in this unique event that represents a year in the life of the vineyard through twenty scenes starting and finishing with the harvest. Drink the wine from the region, listen to the music and while you’re there discover the beauty of Vevey and the surroundings; a must-do this summer!

Jazz Ascona

June 20th - 29th in Ascona, Switzerland

It is beyond doubt that this 35th edition is bound to be a great one. JazzAscona offers almost 15 concerts a day and a unique musical mix. From New Orleans jazz to swing, from blues to R&B, the festival includes all genres related to the great tradition of jazz and Afro-American music. JazzAscona hosts four stages along the evocative Ascona waterfront for its concerts in the evening and many concerts called Music Hours take place in various restaurants & bars of Ascona during the day. So basically the whole town becomes a concert for 10 days and the ones during the week are free of charge. Enjoy the richness of the music, the Lake Maggiore in the background and the italian region of Switzerland including sunny weather and great food.

Calcio Storico

The final: June 24th in Florence, Italy

The Calcio Storico Fiorentino is a combination of soccer, rugby and big time wrestling originated in 16th century Florence and played today in historical costume. The four teams of the historical neighborhoods of the city play against each other, first in two semi-finals and then the final match to determine the winner. Watch the final game where the Bianchi (white) from Santo Spirito will face of the Rossi (red) from Santa Maria Novella. Step back in time while you watch the Calcio Storico on this medieval piazza and listen to the locals cheering for the team from the neighbourhood they grew up in. Warning; this game is nothing for people that can’t watch a fight.

Frome Independent Market

July 7th and August 4th in Frome, United Kingdom

The not-for-profit organisation is behind a monthly market that brings about 10,000 punters to the town on the first Sunday of each month. They have more than 700 independent traders on their books but vet the 200 Sunday vendors for the quality, provenance and regional roots of their wares. Stroll through the beautiful old town of Frome, enjoy the crafted goods, talk to the entrepreneurs and enjoy a coffee in one of many cute little cafes.

Copenhagen Cooking and Food Festival

August 23th - September 1th in Copenhagen, Denmark

To celebrate the culinary culture of Copenhagen and Denmark, the Danes have launched one of the biggest food festivals in Northern Europe. During it chefs from leading restaurants pay homage to the country’s Nordic food culture. You’ll find more than100 unique events including cooking workshops, wine tastings, and markets taking place around the city. Have an intimate dinner at home from famous Danish chefs, participate in the 100 of special dinners all over Copenhagen and eat your meal at the “Long Table” in the city alongside 1500 other foodies. I know it already makes you drool but wait until you actually see and taste all the delicious food.

Haro Wine Festival with Wine Battle!

June 28th-30th in Haro, Spain

In the Rioja wine region, this festival is a must for someone looking for a unique party. The atmosphere in Haro during this festival is incredible and there will not be much sleep. The wine fights start early in the morning of the 29th, but the real party starts the night before in the town of Haro. Music, dance, tapas, and wine and beer flowing freely in the streets. It's an amazing feeling and mostly local, the wine fight itself has gotten popular with tourists.

So party all night and go directly to the hills for the wine fight the next morning. Water (wine) guns, buckets, anything you can use to pour wine on people, it’s all allowed.

OpenEr  Festival

July 3th - 6th in Gdynia, Poland

This festival has it all. Music, arts, comedians, theatre, and our favorite part, up and coming polish fashion designers. It's a fantastic interdisciplinary festival where you can engage and be inspired by people from different walks of life and crafts.

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