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7 Upcoming Fashion Brands in June 2019 / Meshugge Brand Finder Series

7 Upcoming Fashion Brands in June 2019 / Meshugge Brand Finder Series

Meshugge is crazy for fashion! There are so many different brands out there and still we always see the same ones on the high streets of each city or the generic online stores. We are your guides in the fashion Jungle and help you to find new brands and put the focus on the ones that stand out through an extraordinary design, fresh approach or simply amazing quality. We hope you enjoy our Meshugge Brand Finder Series, coming to you once a month.

  1. Nasire

From: Marrakesh, Morocco and Zurich, Switzerland

Why Meshugge loves it:
Nasire is the result of an unusual mix between two very different Cities and their influence. They combine minimalistic design and clear lines with bold colours. They produce the finest leather goods such as Weekenders, Tote Bags and smaller Accessoires, all made out of smooth calf leather.

  1. Eve Gravel

From: Montreal, Canada

Why Meshugge loves it:
Eve Gravel strives to equip women for every situation of the day; you can wear it at work as well as at the party afterwards or on your weekend trip. Therefore the design is kept minimalistic with a few details and the clothes are extremely comfortable. To ensure the quality and have a sustainable production every step of the process is fully made in Montreal. Eve Gravel uses a lot of natural fibres like Tencel. Tencel is a cellulose fibre, which is made by dissolving wood pulp. It is very comfortable, absorbing, breathable and has a small environmental impact.

  1. Old Captain

From: Locarno, Switzerland

Why Meshugge loves it:
Sustainability meets unique prints. Rock at the beach or at a dinner party with one of the cool made-to-order shirts from Old Captain, entirely produced and designed within 1 hour in the south of Switzerland, reducing the transport ways drastically. We fell in love with the range of prints and fabrics and the approach regarding sustainability. For example, left-over fabrics are used for later collections, such as the Honolulu shirt an iconic piece that is unique in each collection.

  1. Act.

From: Berlin, Germany and Mallorca, Spain

Why Meshugge loves it:
Act produces luxury espadrilles for him and her. The design is simple with attention to detail and a mediterranean touch. All espadrilles are hand-made in Spain out of either leather or suede, both naturally dyed and have an inner lining and padded insole which makes them surprisingly comfortable.

  1. Rubirosa

From: Gossau SG, Switzerland

Why Meshugge loves it:
Rubirosa produces minimal sneakers for the modern Gentlemen in an outstanding quality. The comfort and longevity of the leather are unrivaled with these incredible pieces of craftsmanship made in Italy. They just launched a Campaign on Kickstarter where they introduced a world novelty; an olive leaf tanned horse leather sneaker. We love to combine them with formal trousers and a white shirt or blue jeans and a tee, they simply look good with everything.

  1. Andrew & Cole

From: Zurich, Switzerland

Why Meshugge loves it:
Founded by two friends with the need for more comfortable swimwear. It’s not just the outside, but the inside that counts. This is the Philosophy of Andrew & Cole what you'll find truly represented by their products. The quality is outstanding, the shorts feel light, have an extra inner lining and dry super fast, making them your 24/7 choice during the summer.

  1. Und Swimwear

From Bologna, Italy

Why Meshugge loves it:
Und Swimwear produces timeless Tops, Bottoms and One-Pieces for Women. The mission of the two founders is to create value in a sustainable and ethical way. They use recycled materials such as plastic from the oceans and everything is made in Italy just within 80 Kilometers of Bologna.

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