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7 Upcoming Sustainable Fashion Brands in November 2019 / Meshugge Brand Finder Series

7 Upcoming Sustainable Fashion Brands in November 2019 / Meshugge Brand Finder Series

Meshugge is crazy for fashion! There are so many different brands out there and still we always see the same ones on the high streets of each city or the generic online stores. We are your guides in the Fashion Jungle and help you to find new brands and put the focus on the ones that stand out through an extraordinary design, fresh approach or simply amazing quality. We hope you enjoy our Meshugge Brand Finder Series, coming to you once a month.


From: Italy
Sneakers for Women and Men

Why Meshugge loves it: Yatay succeeded in fusing luxury made in Italy with sustainable materials and the outcome is truly great. We also love their transparency, you can literally find out what is in every part of the shoe.

Umberto De Marco and his brother founded Yatay in 2018. The name originates from the highest palm tree of the Butia Yatay family. Their collection consists of unisex low top and a high top sneakers in various colours. The sneakers have a classic look. The white sole gives a nice contrast which definitely stand out from the regular sneakers with the cool hemp laces.

Even their shoe box is stylish and eco friendly, made out of 5 plastic bottles. Get these cool kicks from Yatay and show your green soul (and sole!)

Mud Jeans

From: Laren, Netherlands
Denim wear for Women and Men

Why Meshugge loves it: Jeans; one of the most popular pieces of clothing which also has a really big impact on the environment. With MUD that is not the case. Buy a stylish and green pair of jeans or even lease them...say whuat?

Bert van Son founded Mud Jeans in 2013. With already 30 years of experience in the fashion industry, he saw how dirty and unfair the fashion industry mostly is. They aim to make good quality, ethical jeans available to more people. The jeans cost around 119 Euro. That is what you normally pay for a fast fashion brand, where the jeans rip after a few months. 

Women and Men also have a wide choice of cuts, washes and colours. And if you live in the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany, they offer a free repair service! Repair rather than throw away, we love it. Check them out and get your next pair of Will works or Skinny Lilly.


From: Mannheim, Germany
Basics for Men & Women

Why Meshugge loves it: We're all are looking for some fashion basics in our wardrobe that simply go with every look. Phyne does exactly that, minimal, modern basics.

Phyne is a German brand that produces all their clothes in Portugal, meaning short transportation routes and low impact for the environment. They use solely organic cotton and tencel. Their collection consists of Crew and V-Neck T-Shirts, Pullovers, Shorts etc. Their most popular colours are black, white, blue and grey, most of the clothes are mono-coloured and some have their logo. If you are looking for something new  you can shop their limited artist collections.

Anyway, we promise there is the right piece for everyone and you will look so damn phyne.


From: London, UK
Bags for Women

Why Meshugge loves it: London design meets greek artisan handcraft. The outcome? Neck-breaking handbags from Mashu!

Mashu is anything else but a boring handbag brand. They currently carry 7 different styles. Their bags are made out of vegan leather, vegan suede on the inside and feature beautiful handles made out of repurposed wood and brass plated silver. All of their bags are made on a pre-order basis. Yes, that means it will take two weeks but on the other hand there is no waste of unsold products in the end.

Doesn’t really matter if you are going to a fashion show or to the office, with Mashu you are always looking like a greek goddess.

Raven + Lilly

From: Austin, USA
Jewelry and Bags for Women + Home wear

Why Meshugge loves it: Raven + Lily partners together with artisan women communities all over the world. They sell the products and empower the women who make them and the women who wear them.

Jewelry and leather bags are one of the key products from Raven + Lily. Their Jewelry comes from Kenya. Where women are making every piece by hand, out of recycled brass and upcycled horn. The beautiful leather bags and goods come from Ethiopia. The leather is locally-sourced from one of the best tanneries in Africa, using 100% natural vegetable dye. The artisans cut, sew, stamp and package their one-of-a-kind leather goods. Next to that Raven + Lily also sells other sustainable products such as ceramics and soaps. Their luxurious soaps are handcrafted high in the Himalayan Mountains of Northern India using fresh spring water, rich spices, locally grown herbs and soothing essential oils.

Raven + Lily is a perfect example of empowering women worldwide, supporting their communities and of course creating high quality and stunning products.


From: Munich, Germany
Activewear for Women

Why Meshugge loves it: Sustainable activewear made out of recycled PET. Sweat without making mother earth sweat, hell yeah!

Giulia founded Ambiletics in late 2018. The brand name is a play on words between ambitious and athletics. The goal is to share this passion for a more conscious lifestyle and inspire others for sustainable and cool activewear. Leggins, bras, shirts and sweaters are the core of the collection. All their prints are hand drawn and completely unique and if you want to go more classy the also have styles in black. Next to recycled polyester they use organic cotton and bamboo for their gym towel.

Be the change you want to see in the world. Run, do yoga or work out in the eco friendly activewear made in Poland.

Ideo Parfumeurs

From: Beirut and France
Perfumes for Women and Men

Why Meshugge loves it: Ideo (Ideal Olfactif) brings back the ancient art of slow parfumery. Dive into a world of breathtaking scents and let them tell you their story.

Ideo Parfumeurs design their perfumes in Beirut, Lebanon which are then produced in France. This unusual combination of middle eastern roots and the long tradition in French perfume making is the result of a truly extraordinary range of perfumes. Each one reflects a clear identity, is vegan and cruelty free and incredibly long lasting. They also carry lingerie, perfumes and candles - for the romantic hours.

Find your perfect scent on our online store. If you are curious, get their Perfume sample set to get to know the whole collection. 

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