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Best Retail Design - Gelato Shop wins 2019 Eat Drink Design Awards

Best Retail Design - Gelato Shop wins 2019 Eat Drink Design Awards

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In our new M Society Series we invite Guest Bloggers from the Meshugge Community to share their knowledge, spark ideas or simply tell an amazing story that is close to their heart. This article was written by the amazing Anja Pelissier, architect by day, fashionista by night. Thank you so much!


While we are all still awaiting the results of this year Top retail design award, the winner of the Eat Drink Design Award in Retail design has already been revealed in Melbourne on Tuesday 12 November! This year Best Eat Drink award in Retail Design is attributed to the Collingwood outpost of popular gelato shop Piccolina

If some of you don’t know, the annual Eat Drink Design Awards supports “innovation and excellence in the design of hospitality premises of all scales and types, retail environments for the sale of food and beverages and visual identities for both” ( as it is stated on their website). There are many categories, in which retail spaces can try their chance to win: Best Bar Design, Best Restaurant Design, Best Installation Design, Best Hotel Design, and many many others. As the main topic of my articles is mostly retail, I will concentrate around Best Retail design, however I strongly recommend you to check out other winners’ projects as they absolutely worth It ( little teasing – there is a pink-hued bar being involved in one of the winners projects! ). 

This year jury comprised Besha Rodell (restaurant critic for the New York Times’ Australia bureau), Nathan Toleman (restauranteur, CEO and founder of the Mulberry Group), Graham Charbonneau (co-founder of Studio Gram), Phillip Schemnitz (architect of Cookie, the 2018 Hall of Fame inductee) and Cassie Hansen (editor of Artichoke magazine).

Piccolina Gelateria – an authentic, all-natural taste of Italian gelato, was opened in Melbourne, Australia, in 2016. Piccolina is a chain of gelato stores, all designed by local architect  Hecker Guthrie. No Piccolina store is the same, however, the spirit of a “Dolce Vita” inside is clearly a common point. The store that was chosen to become Best retail space is situated in the neighbourhood of Collingwood.

Elements of the historic building were preserved for the design of this year's winner' store. For instance, original interior brickwork was exposed as well as the faded shades of creamy-green paint, that inspired Hecker Guthrie to the overall design color palette, that on top reflect the sea and sun spirit. The pressed metal ceiling and terrazzo floors, giving the space even more of a vintage feel. On top, the open counter design clad with square-cut Italian tiles also means you can see the makers creating their magic.

The jury comment was: 

“The result is understated but beautiful, and evokes Southern Italy – a specific request of the client – without blunt literal interpretation. As a retail space, the shop expresses an appropriately stylish sense of fun, in perfect alignment with the product being sold.”

Not only the store itself is beautiful and totally instagrammable, it also describes itself as the “best gelato ice cream in Melbourne”. An absolute must try for people who are planning on visiting Melbourne soon! 

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