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Celebrate Love with Meshugge’s Conscious Valentine's Day Gift Ideas!

Celebrate Love with Meshugge’s Conscious Valentine's Day Gift Ideas!

Make it special this year.

Meshugge is the best place to find outstanding brands which combine style, creativity and sustainability.

Express affection and appreciation with these curated eco-friendly gifts:

  • PHYNE 

Wear PHYNE. Feel PHYNE. Pick your favorite comfort clothes that last. With certified value chain and transparent working methods, PHYNE is establishing a modern and sustainable standard.

Meshugge’s pick:

Bright red crop top to spark energy during winter and keep warm with casual navy sweatshirt.




Versatile bag designs and ethically sourced materials make Moraltive even more spectacular as a sustainable brand that produce functional chic products. Choose your favorite bag and start packing for a new adventure.

Meshugge’s pick:

Rock a matching couple look with shoulder bag and rucksack from Moraltives.



Ethics meets fragrance. We love the passion and soul that goes into these unique fragrances, strong emotions and stories that they evoke. It reminds you why fragrance can and is so powerful.

Meshugge’s pick:

Space Rhapsody's touch of floral and wood is the right choice for her and London to Mumbai's eccentric citrus scent is just perfect for him.



Get something sexy for your wrist to wear with these sleek and effortless timepieces. The Julien de Bourg brand combines a century of family history in the watchmaking industry and brand transparency which we truly appreciate.

Meshugge’s pick:

These automatic watches embody the perfect combination of extravagance and timeless elegance. 




All about recycling and upcycling, Miaraka is a passion project in making new things from old. Get your one-of- a kind five panel miki hat, handcrafted locally in the city of Montpellier.

Meshugge’s pick:

Edgy colours and fabric combinations to spice up your wardrobe!