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Love Over Fear

Love Over Fear

Collective Responsibility: A responsibility of Organizations, Groups, and Societies.

We at Meshugge believe in this with all our hearts. We have a collective responsibility for our environment, a collective responsibility for our humanity, and a collective responsibility for our loved ones and ourselves. In these COVID-19 times, our collective responsibility is being put to the test. How many of you are craving a good night out dancing? A whispered love affair at the busy bar? A life with energy and without the words “social distancing”? How many of you haven’t been able to see friends or family for longer than you would care to remember? 

The significance of COVID-19 is that we are all experiencing it together. This virus doesn’t care who you are and where you come from - it is a shadow that follows even those that shine the brightest. And that is why there is no better time than now to listen to calls for collective responsibility. Let’s band together for the sake of our environment, our humanity, our loved ones, for ourselves. 

Meshugge is joining the call for collective responsibility - keeping it sexy and sustainable.

With our brand new Meshugge “Love Over Fear” mask, we invite you to join us too. Let’s exercise our collective responsibility for the near future, and maybe one day we can shed our mask together. The Meshugge team wants to thank all the humans at the forefront of this battle against COVID-19, and recognize that single-use masks are imperative to these individuals. So save the single-use masks for the people at the front lines - think sustainably, think Meshugge!