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Retail Solutions - How to seduce generation Z... might a POP UP be the answer?

Retail Solutions - How to seduce generation Z... might a POP UP be the answer?

At our Le M Journal we love to dive in to all aspects of fashion, mind and body, travel and of course sustainability. We always enjoy sharing our ideas and tips with you. But we also like to grow and learn from you. We  have had the pleasure of meeting so many inspiring people, some are passionate writers, upcoming designers, yoga teachers, fitness gurus, new chef rock star and much much more.

In our new M Society Series we invite Guest Bloggers from the Meshugge Community to share their knowledge, spark ideas or simply tell an amazing story that is close to their heart. This article was written by the amazing Anja Pelissier, architect by day, fashionista by night. Thank you so much!

Following last week's article, here is another idea of integration of Social media into brick and mortar retail spaces. Florentine luxury brand Gucci creates ephemeral points of sale that will exist each no longer than 5 weeks and offer the customers exclusive design and experience. For some locations, the stores will open and close through-out the year, but it is already defined that each store will be absolutely different from its previous version. Note: not only this new retail concept for will provide a completely new experience for the customers, it will also allow the brand to sell in the areas that are maybe not yet covered with physical stores. According to Gucci Chief Executive Marco Bizzarri Gucci is looking at this new concept stores as “a new map for new territories, combining an immersive digital activation to further enhance the physical experience”.

The new generation Pop-up concept is called a “Gucci Pin”, and will soon appear in five locations worldwide: Denver, Paris, Hong Kong, Fukuoka and Seongnam. But many more destinations are targeted: Moscow, Mexico City, Dubai, Bangkok, and Taipei. 

Pop-ups will be launched in waves every wave focused deeply on one specific idea. Quite logically, the very first ones are concentrated around end-of-the-year holiday spirit, featuring Gucci’s iconic Flora pattern that is in the center of Autumn/Winter collection of this year. Second opening is targeted in early January 2020 and will celebrate the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Mouse. We will also experience “psychedelic” theme later on in 2020. 

The principle (and the name) is based on the practice of pinning places in cell phones that we are experiencing through GPS devices, apps, etc. In collaboration with Google Maps, Gucci created an app that offers a special digital experience to their. For instance, to find the store, a specially created locator pin will appear on both Gucci and Google Map apps . Inside the store, the customers will live a unique AR experiences that is designed specifically for each selected location. The digital experience doesn’t end there, it continues even after you leave through experiential content will be available on Social media such as Snapchat and Instagram. The pop-up stores will offer women’s wear, accessories and leather goods. In each pop up, the release will embody a theme that reflects the products available at that specific site.

The very first store has already opened in Hong Kong on November 5th

Bravo to Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele who has taken an already mature brand to a fresh direction while still honoring its rich heritage. The decision to go into temporary openings is a solution to a feed a constantly growing demand for newness, especially among the young generation. A search for a new sales strategy is particularly important for Gucci this year, as the brand experiences sales slow-down. While still being on truck to the brand’s ultimate goal of reaching €10 billion in annual revenue, the sales growth in 2019 slowed down compared to the same time-period last year. Therefore, new ideas, such as introduction of futuristic and absolutely new concept stores, are more than needed. On top, being temporary, the pop-up stores create a sense of “can’t-miss urgency”, which means an increase in customer traffic. 

Anja is looking forward to experience the new Pop –up during her trip to Moscow. Don’t miss it in Anja's stories

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