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Meshugge Living - The Sustainable Kitchen

Meshugge Living - The Sustainable Kitchen
In this series of  Meshugge living, we look at different ways in our everyday lives where we can make a positive change. This covers everything from things we do at home, our minds, our bodies. In general living life to the fullest. We will also highlight and mention inspiring people who are doing great things. 
Small steps at home in your kitchen can make big changes. While there are certain tools that help us achieve this, there are also certain actions and mindset we must adopt as well. Start small and try to be consistent. We can do it!  Good for your kitchen good for your body, good for the planet. 


Food Waste

This is a big one that many may not realize are the culprits of. You would be shocked how much produce and food is thrown away from restaurants, cafes and food stores. And of course the food that we throw away at home. 

We ourselves have to admit that we overlooked the importance of food preservation in the past. All it takes is a few changes to your lifestyle, purchasing habits and the way you plan your weekly meals. 

At home, be more weary of what you buy and what you plan to use the produce for. Perhaps buy produce that can go into many dishes or goods that have a longer shelf life. Do some research into some new recipes which allow for random stragglers in your fridge to be used up at the end of the week. Omelettes are a perfect example of recipe where you can let your pretty much come up with any concoction. 

If your feel like take-out, maybe rethink your options. Check out sites like Toogoodtogo to do your part to save food that is perfectly fine to eat from being wasted. Sushi platter at a 30% discount? Yes please. 

Beeswax Wrap

Throw away the ziplock bags and all plastic kitchen wraps. This is reusable for up to one year and is perfect for wrapping fruit/vegetables pieces or covers for jars or cups. Made from beeswax and coconut oil and comes in pretty colors. Spice up your kitchen.

Silicone Stasher

These bad boys are amazing and you can do everything with them. Silicone Sous vide, throw them in the microwave, oven, dishwasher. Alles! 

 Silicone Cover Up

This multi purpose cover is also a replacement for plastic wrap and is easily washed and very elastic to fit anything. Cover up fruit, bowls, or containers. Much more airtight that plastic wrap and keeps the contents fresh longer.


Single Use

This one is huge. Single use anything is the biggest waste. If you can make small steps here, it will go a long way. Stop single use water bottles, ziplock bags, plastic cutlery,paper towels, etc.
There are many things that can be reused washed and used for periods of up to a year. Packaging is also where we can make an impact with reusing the same package or jar. 
For example, having a jar which can be refilled with staple items like beans, quinoa, rice, oils like olive oil balsamic, vinegar, etc. 

Reusable Water Bottle

I'm sure many of you already have this one sorted. No need for Evian or San Pellegrino bottles. Get yourself one of these and bring it with you everywhere. Mix it up by infusing some fresh fruit. 

Mesh Bags 

These are a no brainer and I'm sure most have you have some kind of bag or reuse the old food store bags that you have at home. Always try to bring your own bags and preferably one that is made from a material like mesh. This can be used to carry your purchases, to use to hold your tomatoes, or oranges. The small bags that you use at the food store for small fruits and vegetables are a total waste. 

Organic/ Local

The most obvious one but sometimes easily overlooked due to the convenience of just stopping into the nearest coop or Migros. Yes you will find me at HB on Sundays. Its not always easy but it's important to make the effort.
Buy organic and buy locally! Try to eat fruits and vegetables only when they are in season. Go to local markets like the ones in Oerlikon and Helvetiaplatz. It's a great place to meet interesting people and get produce. Also check out sites like Farmy Explore amazing spots like Bachser Märt and Fuerst Unverpackt for your unpackaged food needs. Also Vom Fass Zurich for all of your oil and some delicious liquors. 

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