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Retail Solutions - Instagram goes alive in Printemps

Retail Solutions - Instagram goes alive in Printemps

At our Le M Journal we love to dive in to all aspects of fashion, mind and body, travel and of course sustainability. We always enjoy sharing our ideas and tips with you. But we also like to grow and learn from you. We  have had the pleasure of meeting so many inspiring people, some are passionate writers, upcoming designers, yoga teachers, fitness gurus, new chef rock star and much much more.

In our new M Society Series we invite Guest Bloggers from the Meshugge Community to share their knowledge, spark ideas or simply tell an amazing story that is close to their heart. This article was written by the amazing Anja Pelissier, architect by day, fashionista by night. Thank you so much!

Retail space is not only about a particular boutique. Sometimes, retail space is about an idea, about a marketing solution of a global problem. Let’s go back again to the statement I will repeat quite often in my articles – how to attract customers to actual retail spaces in the era of Internet? Well, actually, this problem is double-sided. It is absolutely true, that many brands are struggling to find a solution to transform their solid boutiques into a website or a Social media account and to attract by doing so many new ( read – young) clients. But very new brands, the ones that exist only in the field of the Internet, are actually struggling from the exact opposite problem – how to become more solid, more physical while successfully doing business online? 

Printemps, a French department store chain, came up with a solution that makes everybody happy – it attracts new clients to the store and at the same time serves an advertisement platform for new brands that exist only online. What is this miraculous solution? 



It is a new concept store called Le Market, situated on the 4th floor of Printemps Women in Paris, occupying more than 300 m2, opened on the 17th of September and hosting 32 brands in total. This area will be open to multiple brands, big and known or small and new ones, but they all have one thing in common: they were discovered via Instagram!  The idea is very simple: it is the space that allows to find something that you cannot find anywhere else and especially to see in real life the things that you’ve seen or noticed on the Instagram but are not yet keen to order them before seeing in real life. Or it can also be that the account you love so much just doesn’t deliver to your country of residence and you desperately search where to buy this article. No more panic! Instagram goes offline. Printemps will group the brands that became popular – and here you are buying stuff that was before only available in New York, Moscow, or the UK. 



Not only the chosen sales strategy is rather revolutionary. The space itself is dynamic, innovative and fun, it is an explosion of ideas, a combination of multiple styles. The principle of a pop-up reigns here: the brands change every season. Fashion, fragrance and beauty or even lifestyle – the space offers products for all taste and with a wide price range. 

Another wink to the Instagram generation: the changing cabinets are designed with taste, being spacious and with good lighting, allowing take numerous selfies and post stories. But that is not the only connection to the online world. Every present brand will appear on the application by its Instagram name-tag, allowing direct access to their Instagram accounts. This will ease the navigation between online and offline. 


The Millennials and Generation Z becoming more and more strong customers, push marketing specialists to come up with more and more solutions on integration of Social Media into retail space. Printemps’ idea is great, it allows to throw a bridge into the online world and bring it closer to the real one.  And it definitely allows the brands to develop loyalty within their customers, as once tried in Printemps in an actual store, all fear of ordering online will disappear. Great strategy! Chapeau. 


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