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Retail Solutions - „Spectacle Store“or a color explosion on New Bond Street

Retail Solutions - „Spectacle Store“or a color explosion on New Bond Street

At our Le M Journal we love to dive in to all aspects of fashion, mind and body, travel and of course sustainability. We always enjoy sharing our ideas and tips with you. But we also like to grow and learn from you. We  have had the pleasure of meeting so many inspiring people, some are passionate writers, upcoming designers, yoga teachers, fitness gurus, new chef rock star and much much more.

In our new M Society Series we invite Guest Bloggers from the Meshugge Community to share their knowledge, spark ideas or simply tell an amazing story that is close to their heart. This article was written by the amazing Anja Pelissier, architect by day, fashionista by night. Thank you so much!

What a funny title, you might think. Why a spectacle? Well, I haven’t invented the term myself. I first found it in Elle article, where the author refers to the new version of concept stores of luxury brands, where the level of visual and design experience offered to the clients goes through the roof. 

So here we are with a newly opened Louis Vuitton flagship store, which brought the term “spectacle” to the whole new level. It is not a store, it is a multi-storey expo fitted with the work of 43 artists. What is different from the usual concept store, is that Louis Vuitton offers art that is not supposed to be purchased, but mainly shown, like in a museum. The design itself is daring – it is a combination of a colorful explosion on the façade and pure neutral interior, that accommodates the masterpieces. 

Peter Marino, the retail architect and a genius of retail architecture, having worked for such giants of luxury world such as Chanel, Dior, etc, in this project aimed to replicate the experience of a gallery – a neutral space welcoming art allowing it to create it’s own atmosphere. It is a changeable space that can adapt to the masterpieces exposed inside.

 ‘In my eyes, the ultimate luxury is space and light,’ he says, ‘There has been a real evolution towards something lighter, clearer and, dare I say, happier’. 

Art surrounds you on every step here. It is everywhere- suspended, like the cocoon-like pods designed by the Campana brothers; on the walls, like Sarah Crowner's painting in the silk scarves and leather goods section; even on the ground, like a secondary stairwell, which Scottish artist Jim Lambie has almost entirely covered in multi-coloured strips of tape. 

It is not the first time for Louis Vuitton to collaborate with art or artists. In June this year there even was an exhibition in Los Angeles, where the highlights of such collaborations for the past 160 years were showcased. 

The new flagship store offers somehow a different experience. We are not here to buy art, we are here to enjoy it, to view it, to admire it. If gallery experience can be compared to a shop, as it is a place where art is exposed to be bought in the end, what we experience here is a Performance, a Spectacle. Art is in the center, the space around serves to highlight it, and the goods… Well they are still there, of course, but its like to put a Louis Vuitton bag in Louvre close to Mona Lisa – neither Mona Lisa nor the bag won’t lose their importance in the comparison as there is no competition and no contradiction between them. 

The store opened its doors on Thursday 14th of October. Have you already been? Share your pictures and tag them via  #wowstoreswithanja, let’s create a great selection together! 

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