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Take Note, Sustainability Indicators

Take Note, Sustainability Indicators

All brands at Meshugge have been selected with high standards not only to maintain the products quality that we would like to deliver to each customer, but also a shared vision of sustainability. 

To complete your ethical shopping experience at Meshugge, we created the Sustainability Indicators so you can shop for what you care most.

  • Transparency

Being  aware of what’s really going on behind the scenes gives the consumers more power and a base for decision making.That’s why transparency is our first sustainability indicator on the list. According to, there are more brands who publicly disclosed suppliers’ list in 2019 than they were three years ago. However, it is not enough, because true transparency means the companies know who makes their clothes, from who dyed the fabric, stitched them and under what kind of conditions. 

  • Fair trade

Choosing fair trade clothing can help protect producer’s rights and also the environment. It is very important for us to support this because by buying these products, we can contribute to reducing poverty in developing countries, making sure that all workers are getting paid fairly, are working under humane circumstances with sufficient labor rights.

  • Organic 

Organic or ecological materials like responsible wool, linen and organic cotton are some of the alternative material which sustainable brands use to make their collection.Not only incorporating this eco-friendly material, a move to choose biodegradable or 100% recyclable boxes as packaging also contributes.Some even make their tags from 100% plantable paper filled with seeds to grow your own flowers.

  • Vegan

Animals are sentients being with feelings and they have the rights to live freely. Being cruelty free in fashion is increasingly important now when considering, not only animal welfare, but the negative environmental impact of the fur trade and animal agriculture. Vegan fashion includes clothing and accessories made from sources where no animal products were used in the making. Some brands even got approved by PETA.

  • GOTS Certified

GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard. It is a textile production certification which limits the use of toxic substances, like bleaches, dyes, and other chemicals used during the production of textile. Getting certified by GOTS means that the products meet the very highest standard. 

  • Upcycling

With more textiles produced in the world today than the ones can be used, upcycling is one of the most famous movements in sustainable fashion. It is a way of processing unwanted apparel to make it better than the original, avoiding it to end up in the landfill. In a creative and innovative way, upcycling very often produced a one-of-a kind item.

  • Being Local

Have we ever thought all the miles that garments are traveling? It is longer than one could imagine. Keeping shipping distance short can be done by producing and consuming locally. Since Meshugge is based in Zurich, it is our mission to support “Made in EU” brands.

  • Made to Order

Made to measure garments exist since the old times and it is still one of the best ways for fashion brands to produce zero waste. Clothes will be produced once you order and when you need them. Impulsive shopping can also be reduced and of course wasted garments can be avoided because we are treasuring the clothes that we have.