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The Future of Fashion: Meshugge and Sustainability

The Future of Fashion: Meshugge and Sustainability

In a fast-moving world, it's difficult to slow down and really focus on what's important.Between work, friends, family, hobbies and other commitments its easy for our money to be spent on things and places with little thought given to why.

Where and why we spend our money today is important. With Fast delivery, fast food, fast fashion and fast everything, we are sometimes sacrificing the good thing for the quick thing. Quality is becoming a secondary focus nowadays, and that's before going into the discussion of ethics and sustainability.Our money is going to big faceless corporations who only care about their bottom lines and little on the product you are buying from them.

In an age where so much is changing, technology is making industries and jobs irrelevant. With this wave of change also came a new wave of free-thinking entrepreneurs who seek to follow their passions and want to revive the quality and personality in the products and services they sell. Over the years it's amazing to see how many unique brands have been started all over the world by former bankers, politicians, consultants, teachers, etc, all choosing to follow their dreams and try to bring the world great products with unique stories. This, while subsequently trying to improve the industries they operate in, little by little every day. These are amazing stories and stories that must be heard and shared.

This is what Meshugge is about, we are passionate about the changemakers in the world, the creatives, the daredevils who bring fresh designs and ideas to the world. Meshugge means crazy, and we are crazy passionate about what we do and our fight to cut through the noise and bring you the freshest and most amazing brands from around the world.

We fight against the big guys and the faceless corporations.

We are the underdogs.

We are crazy about fashion, travel and living life to the fullest along with our Meshugge Family of change makers.

At Meshugge we focus on brands that tell a unique and compelling story combined with the highest quality products made to the highest standards. Ethical and responsible fashion at its best! Small brands with passionate founders making unique pieces that stand out and immediately set you apart from the rest.

Some of our brands are changing the fragrance world by empowering the workers who pick the ingredients to strengthen their local communities. Other brands have mastered just in time production to cut out production waste. Others are finding new and unique ways to work with sustainable leathers. We love our brands and we are here to support and spread their work.

So today we encourage you to slow down, discover what amazing things are being done and created all around the world. Support companies with a story behind it and ones that are making positive impacts in the world. Support the creatives and the crazy ones.

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So join the change, join the party,  join the family, join Meshugge.