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3 Upcoming Brands For Women In Summer 2019

3 Upcoming Brands For Women In Summer 2019

3 Upcoming Brands For Women In Summer 2019

Meshugge is crazy for fashion! There are so many different brands out there and still we always see the same ones on the high streets of each city or the generic online stores. We are your guides in the fashion Jungle and help you to find new brands and put the focus on the ones that stand out through an extraordinary design, fresh approach or simply amazing quality.

  1. Lutreet

Meet your new minimalistic sneaker brand with a playful twist. Creative director Teresa Costa Sousa founded this exclusive sneaker brand with the goal to create fancy yet discrete leather sneakers that are always ready to party. All their handmade shoes are made in Portugal by factories that have been crafting shoes for decades. Check out their Boulevard edition in pastel colours or the Alley Edition for colder seasons.

2. Sana Jardin

Sana Jardin is the world’s first socially-conscious, luxury fragrance house. Blazing a revolutionary trail in scent, spirit and humanity. Amy Christiansen empowers the women who harvested the flowers and finds ways to use 100% of the flowers such as making candles or orange water what provides the local women with extra income through the year. Discover their 7 luxury perfumes, each one tells you a different story but one they have all in common; a unique signature fragrance that underlines your personal character.

3. SophiebySophie

Sophie Gyllenhammar creates playful jewellery that marries timeless pieces with an edgy and modern twist. The Swedish jewellery brand has a flair for contrast, classic meets modern and strong colours play against each other. We love their Loopy & Chaos collection which is inspired by the Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi and his creative world.

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