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7 Upcoming Fashion Brands in August 2019 / Meshugge Brand Finder Series

7 Upcoming Fashion Brands in August 2019 / Meshugge Brand Finder Series

Meshugge is crazy for fashion! There are so many different brands out there and still we always see the same ones on the high streets of each city or the generic online stores. We are your guides in the fashion Jungle and help you to find new brands and put the focus on the ones that stand out through an extraordinary design, fresh approach or simply amazing quality. We hope you enjoy our Meshugge Brand Finder Series, coming to you once a month.



From: Los Angeles, USA
Denim Wear for Women

Why Meshugge loves it:

The usual denim products; especially jeans are one of the worst products when it comes to use of water, energy and waste. Leave that behind with Boyish.

Californian designer and Denim Guru Jordan Nodarse founded Boyish in 2018 in LA. He describes his brand; “A sustainable and environmentally conscious, vintage-inspired, women’s denim brand”. They use recycled fabrics and currently 20% of their products are made out of deadstock/vintage fabrics. Their yarn, fabric and manufacturing facility are all within thirty miles, what reduces the CO2 emission of the supply chain massivally. They use ⅓ the amount of water compared to traditional denim process and recycle all of the water.

We love their vintage inspired looks, the washes and feminine cuts of their jeans. Make your butt look good and make the earth look good. Isn’t that nice?


Elvis and Kresse

From: Kent, UK
Accessories for Women and Men

Why Meshugge loves it:

Since 2005 Elvis and Kresse stands for sustainable luxury.

They started working together with the Firehouse Departement from London after they found out that the decommissioned fire-hose simply go to landfill. Out of the dream to rescue this durable fabric Elvis and Kresse was born. Now they craft beautiful Tote Bags, Weekenders, Wallets and more and each piece is totally unique. Next to the fire-hose, leather is the main material of some products. For the sourcing of leather they teamed up with the Burberry Foundation. That allows them to use high quality, unused, freshly tanned and dyed leather that would otherwise end up on the cutting floor.

Elvis and Kresse is a paradigm of rescuing raw materials and turning them into unique luxury items. Get your bag and accessory with a ton of character.



From: London, UK

Why Meshugge loves it:

You want to buy more sustainable but equally stylish clothes? You found it with VILDNIS.

Danish Ulla Vitting Richards founded Vildnis out of the inspiration to be part of the change she wants to see in the fashion industry. They are focusing on using fabrics with the lowest impact on the environment such as Tencel, organic cotton and recycled polyester. Vildnis (wilderness in danish) reflects both their connection with nature and their untamed style – always considered, never too polished.

You’ll find beautiful Jumpsuits, dresses, T-Shirts and much more. All after the motto; you can love fashion and love the planet”.



From: Montpellier, France
Accessories for Women and Men

Why Meshugge loves it:

Get your street style on point with these urban Breton hats from Miaraka. Made from upcycled fabrics.

French brand Miaraka inspired by urban street culture reinvents the classic sailor’s hat. They introduce the 5 panel Breton, meaning that they are made out of 5 different cut outs that are then sewn together. By shaping them one by one in their workshop,  MIΛRΛKΛ strives to produce in a logic of slow-fashion. In order to fight against the bad impact of the fashion industry they recover clothes and fabrics from resource centers, markets or individuals.

The hats come in fabrics like denim, cotton and velvet and are also often combined. The amazing handcraft plus the diversity of the materials give each piece a unique character. Madame e Monsieur, get your favourite style now.


Julien de Bourg

From: Zurich, Switzerland
Automatic Watches for Women and Men

Why Meshugge loves it:

Did you always want a mechanical watch but you never had the 4 digit budget for it? Now is your chance to get a high quality timepiece for an affordable price.

Julien de Bourg was founded by two siblings, Jennifer and Julian von Burg. Their family carries a century of family history in the watchmaking industry. With their mechanical watches they challenge the current luxury watch market. The watches are designed in Switzerland and produced in Far-East under the highest Swiss standards. Julien de Bourg is for all those who want to wear a mechanical watch for the price of a quartz watch!

For both Men and Women there are 2 distinct styles. With the easy exchangeable straps you can make the watch look completely different and always match your outfit. We also love that Julian de Bourg donates 5 Chf to the Hunger Project Switzerland for every purchase made.

Jungle Folk

From: Zurich, Switzerland

Why Meshugge loves it:

Are you tired of clothing that has such a short lifespan as the trend itself? Look out for Jungle Folk. They create timeless, versatile and long lasting clothes so you can rock your life.

The community brand for strong and independent women was founded by Pauline Marie Treis. The brand was born out of her dream to merge creativity and crafts with a sustainable social project. Jungle Folk works directly with the local artisans from Colombia, Peru and Portugal. This cooperation helps them to sustain their family and kids. For all their clothes they use only organic, certified and recycled materials. Jungle Folk is a paradigm of making a social and sustainable impact with business and not aid.

We love the timeless design and high quality finish of their clothing. Get ready to find your new wardrobe favourites at Jungle Folk and be part of a more sustainable fashion industry.



Denim Lab Men

From: The Netherlands
Denim Wear for Men


Why Meshugge loves it:

Don’t worry guys we have you covered on the jeans side as well. Are you looking for a pair of jeans where not the logo is important but the high quality fabric and sleek design? Then Denim Lab is your joyce.

Founded in 2015 by Sander van de Vecht Denim Lab is a quality inspired denim brand for men & kids. Their jeans feature beautiful matt black metal parts such as the buttons, indigo dyed leather patches and a 100% cotton waistband that insures the best fit.

Against fast fashion, Denim lab carries a seasonless collection of timeless styles accompanied from the capsule collection where they let their fresh indigo mind go free. Find your favourite wash and cut at Denim Lab.


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