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7 Upcoming Fashion Brands in July 2019 / Meshugge Brand Finder Series

7 Upcoming Fashion Brands in July 2019 / Meshugge Brand Finder Series

Meshugge is crazy for fashion! There are so many different brands out there and still we always see the same ones on the high streets of each city or the generic online stores. We are your guides in the fashion Jungle and help you to find new brands and put the focus on the ones that stand out through an extraordinary design, fresh approach or simply amazing quality. We hope you enjoy our Meshugge Brand Finder Series, coming to you once a month.

Marcus Hanuy

From: Berlin, Germany
Footwear for Women and Men

Why Meshugge loves it:

Forget about Converse and Yeezys just for a second and let’s have a look at these neck-turning High Top Sneakers.

Marcus Hanuy was founded by two friends in 2015 out of the shared appreciation for high-end design, clean aesthetics and profound attention to detail. Their contemporary High Top Sneaker are made out of smooth calf leather fully produced in Italy. The sneaker also features waxed laces, an adjustable ankle strap for maximum comfort and of course the unique hardware piece that you can open with the 24K Gold-Plated Signature Screwdriver. 

We love their all black model or the limited collaborations with Artist. Stand out with a truly luxurious Sneaker. Nike who?


From: Stockholm, Sweden

Why Meshugge loves it:

Gentleman why do we use cheap fabric to cover our best parts?

CDLP is a Swedish premium underwear company set to perfect the male base layer in terms of performance, style and sustainability. They feature a wide range from Trunks, Briefs, Long Johns and even Socks and Swimwear.

The Underwear is made out of Lyocell (wood pulp), a smooth silk-like fabric that is an extremely breathable, naturally anti-bacterial, while maintaining both its shape and color, wash after wash. Additionally it uses way less water, chemicals and land than cotton and is sourced out of sustainable grown wood. 

So Gentlemen get rid of your old rainbow-coloured underwear, grow up and treat yourself with some pairs of CDLP’s.


From: Valencia, Spain
Leather Accessories for Women and Men

Why Meshugge loves it:

Do you love architecture, minimalistic design and you’re on a hunt for a new bag? We got you covered.

Acracta crafts unisex bags with an architectural approach to design and their products. They are all manufactured in Spain made out of leather and suede. The permanent collection is defined by clear lines, smart details and colours like camel, graphite grey and white. 

For example we love the SIMILE backpacks where there is an inside pocket facing your back, so travel safely and in style with the products from Acrata.

Londre Bodywear

From Vancouver, Canada

Why Meshugge loves it:

Make a statement at the beach with the stunning swimwear from Londre.

Londre is made for women that are looking for beautiful minimalistic one-piece swimsuits and bikinis that focus on aesthetics as much as sustainability.

All of their garments are made from recycled fabric that is primarily derived from discarded plastic water bottles and has the highest international eco certification possible. Londre offers an amazing collection featuring designs with blue and white stripes, minimalistic black or a bold red. 

You can mix and match their styles or try the versatile one-piece MULTIWAY which can be worn in 6 different ways. With the words from Londre; keep your mind dirty and the earth clean.

Frisur Clothing

From Berlin, Germany
Womenswear and Menswear

Why Meshugge loves it:

Bring some coolness from Berlin in your wardrobe.

Frisur (hairstyle) was founded by 2 long term friends built on their personal belief, drive and attitude. Their idea is that most of our skin is constantly covered in garments. So their garments should be perceived not only by the look but more by touch. Frisur chooses their fabrics mindfully and their collection offers variety with pieces made out of silk, Viscose, Cotton and more. 

Women pay extra attention to the beautiful Jumpsuits and Tops made out of linen, tencel or a blend out of cotton and silk, the perfect choice for a summer outfit. Men check out the different styles and fabrics of the Shirts, paired with a linen trouser they will get you everywhere.

Deadwood Studios

From Stockholm, Sweden
Womenswear and Menswear

Why Meshugge loves it:

Seriously what is better than a bad-ass leather jacket for under 350 Euros made out of recycled leather? Nothing right…..maybe a Rosé  at the Pool but that is something completely different.


Deadwood is reinventing how we think about fashion, with using deadstock or upcycled post-production waste and turns it into a luxury item. Luxury in the sense of outstanding quality leather and a sustainable approach to production rather than overpriced fast-fashion. 

They update their collection bi-annualy but the core builds their iconic styles such as the classic biker; our all time favourite with the inner red lining. Get your jacket and rock all night while making the fashion industry better.


From: Copenhagen, Denmark

Why Meshugge loves it:

Stuck in the city? Find you way back to nature with some calm and comfort cotton pieces from Forét.

Founded by two childhood friends in 2014, Forét (Forest in French) is inspired by the beauty of nature, encouraging their customers to slow down, go offline and enjoy the surroundings. They produce their collection in Portugal with earth tones and classic cuts in the center. 

You’ll find some cool cotton tees and sweaters along the perfect allday trousers called Pond Suit Pant. While your on it get also one of their cool Mugs for your next Coffee break.

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