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Zurich City Guide

Zurich City Guide

Welcome to our Meshugge City Guides. Here at Meshugge we love to live life to the fullest, and that means exploring one of our other passions, which is travel.

Our guides give you in depth looks to unique and off the beaten path places focusing on food, drink and meeting amazing people. We love the inspiration and ideas that we get from travel and hopefully are guides give you some inspiration as well.

One of the most underrated cities in Europe,  Switzerland's creative Hub and Meshugge HQ! Zurich has it all and is the city we call home, yet to many others Zurich is just the stopover city full of banks and chocolates. But there is so much more to this amazing city beyond the Bahnhofstrasse and the Old Town.

From beautiful squares bursting with life, to cozy lakeside bars, nightlife that rivals any other city in the world. Zurich has it all. As summer slowly comes to an end, here we look back on some of our favorite spots that we enjoyed this summer. 

So follow us as we dive into this amazing city and show you the spots you can live like a local, enjoy the lake like a boss, party like a rockstar and eat like a king.

This is our Zurich.


Coffee Fix

Peace, Love and Coffee ... the recipe to happiness. The Coffee scene has evolved a lot over the years with amazing small cafes and roasters popping up around the city, all ready to make your day a little brighter.

If you are strolling around the Bahnhofstrasse and doing some casual people watching, make sure you step into Bovelli CafeLocated next to Jelmoli, Bovelli offers great seats outside to sit and watch the world go by. Amazing coffee and super friendly baristas make it our go to when we are in the city center.

If you are walking across the river to the Old Town, stop by Cafe HenriciLooking out over a cute and lively square combined with coffee, pastries and Flammkuchen (Swiss Pizza), well that’s just #winning. 

After you've been in the central areas it's time to cross over to the more residential areas of the city. 

Make your way to Helvetiaplatz and sit down at Campo. The coffee will not disappoint, but if you are on your daily caffeine high, then tone it down with some amazing cocktails and great vibes. This square has it all, weekend markets, music performances, protests, you name it. Campo is the best spot to watch it all.

From Campo head to Miro Cafe, situated in a side street of the busy Langstrasse. It is an oasis of calm whether you sit inside or outside in their shady courtyard. With their own roastery in the cafe itself, this a great place to grab a coffee, read a book and enjoy a piece of their delicious banana bread with espresso butter. Yum!


Where to Stay

Now that your caffeine fix has been taken care of, let's get you checked in. You could of course opt to stay at one of the big name brand hotels but that's not Meshugge.

Greulich- Live like a Local in Zurich's most trendy quarter. Greulich is anything but a usual hotel. Staying here, you will truly feel at home and a part of the city, as your room will feel like your own little apartment during your stay. Make sure to explore all of Greulich’s amenities, including its beautiful courtyard and stunningly peaceful birch forest. When having a drink or enjoying a meal, there’s no doubt that you’ll share this experience with a great mix of locals who frequent this spot. 

Helvetia Hotel-  Situated next to the beautiful Sihl river, conveniently located close to both the central city and Kreis 4, you are good to go regardless which part of the city you want to explore. Try the amazing food at their Gault Millau restaurant and the Helvi Bar which in our opinion has the best Espresso Martini in town.


Day Spots

Now that your checked in its time to head to the lake. Luckily, in Zurich we tend to have quite long summers (fingers crossed) and you can enjoy the lake and a swim until the end of September.  

Check out Badi Enge which sits right on the lake with a great food and drink offering. You can easily spend the whole day here getting some work done, reading or just talking to friendly crowd who frequent the place. Then stay into the evening and enjoy a cocktail as the sun sets. They regularly have events in summer from chill  live music evenings to parties.

Not to far away sitting on the Limmat is Barfussbar, womens swimming spot during day, chill factor 100 bar at night. The views here are fantastic looking out over the old town and Grossmunster church. Check out Farther down the lake is Ober Letten, bustling with skaters, swimmers, beach volleyball, this place has it all. Grab some food at Panama. 

For the guys head to Rimini, mens swim spot by day and oasis of color by night. Come with a big group of friends and stay long into the evening. Besides the drinks they do decent pizzas.


 Zurich Food Scene

Now that you are checked in its time for some food. Zurich's gastro scene has evolved so much over the years and the quality of the food and restaurateurs is superb!  

If you are on the hunt for traditional Swiss food, then a quick online search will suffice. In this article however, we want to shed some light on Zurich’s growing international cuisine scene for the more daring foodies out there.

Yume- If you have ever been to Japan, then you surely have found yourself longing for that hearty bowl of Ramen once in a while. And if you haven’t, then it’s time to introduce your palate to the dish that takes the category of soup to the next level. The spicy Tantanmen Ramen is a sure bet if you can take the heat, otherwise make sure to try Yume’s creamy Toripaitan. Although it’s always nice to take home a souvenir, ask for a bib before you devour that soupy bowl of goodness because your shirt will surely be a victim of the occasional stray droplet.

Artisian- In the trendy Wipkingen area this a great spot for a dinner lasting long into the night or a delicious Sunday brunch. 

In need a Chinese fix? Then look no further than Aachi. This lively place offers a wide selection of delicious dishes that are big in portion and very fair on price. From dumplings to duck, everything is fantastic here.  

La Barracca-  a truly authentic Italian in a very lively residential street.  They serve dishes that awakes a sense of nostalgia to that last trip you took to Italy. It’s the perfect combination of creativity and tradition that this Restaurant serves on its menu. From the perfectly grilled Pulpo starter to the flavorful Truffel bolognse served with homemade pasta, you won’t go home hungry or dissatisfied. Taste it for yourself

Barranco - Lima comes to Zurich

This small and cozy restaurant makes you feel like you stepped into a little slice of Peru. With the amazing graffiti style wall art and the atmosphere. This place is a must. The plates here are perfect for sharing and ordering and trying .Oh yea make sure you try the Pisco Sour!


The Nightlife

When the evening comes around, the energy rises. The Zurich nightlife scene is truly insane and you can find bars and clubs that cater to every different style and taste. 

The main spots for nightlife though are around 2 areas, Zurich West (Hardbrücke) and Langstrasse.

Make sure you check out and party at both. 

What also makes the Zurich nightlife scene so unique and fun is the amazing people behind the clubs themselves and party promoters who host the amazing parties. From labels from Sanapa, Terazza, Naturklang and Restlezz, they keep the Zurich scene bumping and keep us dancing into the early hours of the morning. So if your in town for sure check them out to see what parties are going on. Guaranteed to be a night you will (can't) remember.


Areas to Explore

Idaplatz/ Brumbacherplatz/Lochergut/Bullingerplatz

 These are just a few of the areas where the locals spend their time. Beautiful spots where we spend a chill weekday evening, or enjoy a friday night dinner. Even though the spots are all quite close to each other, it's an area that we love and really gives the sense of the local scene here. The squares and buildings in the area ooze character and the nearby bars and restaurants are always bustling with activity.

Whether you are grabbing a gelato from Gelateria Di Berna or a cocktail from Raydroski. 

If you are getting your day started at Cafe De Bonheur or having brunch at Kafi Dihei. You are sure to find any and everything is this area.


Regardless of when you come to Zurich you are bound to have a great time. 

Thanks Summer 2019 you were fantastic.

My Zurich Stay Meshugge!