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About Us

Dear friends,

Welcome to Meshugge - the slightly different online store.

The Idea

Meshugge means creazy in yiddish. Neither of us Luca and Johan are yiddish, but even more crazy for fashion. We were bored from the selection of brands in either big online stores or on the high streets of the main european cities, so we went off the road to explore new, raw or simply just under the radar brands from all over the globe.

Furthermore we had the idea to host events so the customers where able to try on and feel the brands and their products before selling them online. Because nothing is more frustrating, if it looks great on pictures but ridiculous in real life.


The Concept

Try - Order - Party

Come and look at the nicely presented clothes and accessories, ask the staff about background information about the brands and of course try it on!

Then log in to the Meshugge online store and order directly at the event or later at home on the couch. The pieces you love, we will directly ship to your home.

After the hard part is done, go to the bar and get a drink, listen to the good vibes and meet new people.


The Promise

We love fashion, so we make sure that we only present you brands we belive and trust in and are of high quality.

We guarantee for a new holistic shopping experience and a perfect customer service.


See you soon and until then, stay Meshugge

Luca and Johan