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About Us

We at Meshugge seek to enlarge your fashion horizon by introducing you to outstanding brands and their designers. With our events we are creating and connecting a conscious fashion community with high quality and sustainable brands. Join us and let’s redefine luxury together.

Our 4 Pillars

Sustainability and Luxury

Sustainability plays a big part in our selection process of new brands. We value factors like using natural materials, local production, giving back to the communities, recycling and upcycling materials and much more.

There are so many creative minds out there who find new ways to make the fashion industry a better place. Our mission is to be the platform and the voice for them. Together with these changemakers we want our customers to not just look good but also feel good. 

We are not about selling logos and sneakers from celebrities. At Meshugge you buy high quality products where it’s all about the design, production and the story behind it. Join us and let’s redefine luxury together.

Unique Brand portfolio

Our purpose came out of struggle. We found that the big online stores and the shops on the high streets of this world simply lack the selection of brands that we were looking for.

We at Meshugge are crazy about fashion and decided to create our own platform. Where we present to fashion enthusiasts handpicked high quality brands from passionate founders; all sharing our values regarding sustainability, fabrics and production.

With our unique brand portfolio we address all the individualists out there that are looking for a distinguished and unique wardrobe, full of high quality and exciting brands.

Zurich based but acting internationally

Although we have roots in Italy, the Bahamas and Sweden we are two Zurich boys at heart. Here is where it all started. Zurich is also the city where we host our fashion events.

We are the number 1 address for upcoming high quality brands in Switzerland. In the future we aim to host events in major European cities to be as close as possible to our customers. But hey, since we are an online store, we ship internationally. So wherever you live, you are welcome to join the party.

Online and offline Community  

For us it is important to know the brands we work with and interact with our customers to understand their desires and needs. Because of that (and because it’s just so much fun) we host seasonal fashion events in Zurich. These events is where our brands showcase their products and fashion enthusiasts can get to know the brand, try on the pieces, and even chat with the designer. While doing that they can order their favourite pieces directly online on our website.

With this concept we not only create an amazing event (oh yes there is an after-party!) but also a tailored and personal shopping experience. We are obviously present as well to talk to our customers, get feedback and find out what they want for future events.

Simply create an account and follow us on instagram to be sure to never miss our events. See you soon!