Worldwide Shipping

Meshugge for brands

With our events based in Switzerland and our global online store, we can help you promote, grow and sell your brand.

Our concept

Meshugge is the trustworthy and exciting platform that enlarges the fashion horizon for men and women and brings them up-and-coming and under the radar brands from all over the world.
For this we have the unique combination of an online store and bi-monthly events showcasing each new brand. Thereby, customers are able to experience, feel and try the new pieces on at the event and order them afterwards directly through the Meshugge website. The holistic shopping experience paired with a memorable and tailor-made event will put your brand in the spotlight and will guarantee a loyal community that will be begging for more.

- Before the event your brand will send sample pieces to Meshugge
- At the event customers enjoy a unique setting to learn about and try on your brand
- At the launch of the event, from then on customers can order pieces on
- Meshugge processes orders and forwards details to you automatically
- You then ship out the incoming orders to your new, happy clients

What Meshugge gives to you
- Low cost entry to an expensive, yet vibrant market
- Fast and direct access to the Meshugge Network
- High profit margins
- Off & Online marketing
- Exclusive, tailored event, putting your brand in the spotlight

We are constantly looking for new and interesting brands to join our Meshugge community. If you are interested in working with us, please email and we will contact you to further discuss a collaboration.

Luca-Matteo and Johan