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We are so excited to finally announce the big relaunch of Meshugge!

Everyone went through some form of changes in 2020, and so did we. We are welcoming with open arms a new team of inspiring innovators, from the USA, the Caribbean, Sweden, Greece, Italy, and Japan! This new team has been super busy (from home office, of course!) getting together a wonderful variety of kick-ass brands that adhere to our Pillars of Sustainable Fashion and who inspire through design, energy, and awareness. 

Go to our SHOP to see all the fantastic products from designers all over the world! 

Unfortunately, we’ve had to go on a small hiatus from EVENTS due to COVID-19, but we will be back before you know it - bigger, better, brighter! In the meantime, check out some coverage from a past event! 


The M-LOG is up and running, where you can get all the Meshugge-related information you’re looking for, including brand and designer exposés, interviews, fashionista reports, and many more stimulating topics in the world of slow fashion! Click here for our newest entry written by your own Meshugge Team, for a quick glimpse into our view on masks.

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