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Moraltive Wallet Brown

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Founder: Mukta Ramchandani & Benjamin Leitschuh

Since: 2017

Origin: Olten,Switzerland


Moraltive an amalgamation of two words Morally & Positive, is a sustainable brand based in Switzerland. They create eco-consciously made products with ethically sourced materials striving to bring you high quality, minimalist and a functional chic vibe to satisfy your sustainable consumption flair.

Meshugge Opinion:

Building  a solid foundation one brick at a time. Started out of the goal to actually be a fully positive and sustainable company Moraltive takes strides each day to better themselves while at the same time improving the quality of their products, their quality of life of their suppliers and tweaking their supply chain. Very refreshing to see this approach and of course all this besides the amazing bags that they produce.  Truly versatile  bags that are perfect for every day use and the quality of the bags is incredible.


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